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Merry, Gooey Christmas! A wintry, holiday-themed module for the festive season.

Last Updated

November 27, 2023
9:58:27 PM UTC

Required Permissions



BiomesAPI between 4.0.0 and 5.0.0
CoreAdvancedAssets between 1.2.0 and 2.0.0 (optional)
CoreAssets between 2.0.0 and 3.0.0
CoreWorlds between 1.0.0 and 3.0.0
Inventory between 1.4.0 and 2.0.0
StructureTemplates between 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT and 2.0.0 (optional)
WeatherManager between 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT and 2.0.0

Resolved by

Xmas 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
BiomesAPI 4.1.1-SNAPSHOT
CoreAssets 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
CoreWorlds 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT
Inventory 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT
WeatherManager 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
MarkovChains 1.6.1-SNAPSHOT
FlowingLiquids 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT
(there may be other combinations)

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