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Alchemy - Plant Generator


Simple module for spawning plants from the Alchemy module into the world.

Last Updated

December 13, 2023
7:12:24 AM UTC

Required Permissions



Alchemy between 1.1.0 and 2.0.0

Resolved by

AlchemyPlantGenerator 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
Alchemy 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT
AlterationEffects 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT
AnotherWorld 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
AnotherWorldPlants 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
BiomesAPI 4.1.1-SNAPSHOT
CoreAssets 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
Drops 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT
Durability 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT
Fluid 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT
Genome 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT
GrowingFlora 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
Health 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
InGameHelpAPI 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
Inventory 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT
MultiBlock 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT
NameGenerator 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
PlantPack 1.2.2-SNAPSHOT
Potions 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT
Workstation 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT
WorkstationCrafting 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT
Explosives 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT
MarkovChains 1.6.1-SNAPSHOT
ClimateConditions 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT
CoreWorlds 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT
Thirst 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
StructureTemplates 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
CoreAdvancedAssets 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT
Furnishings 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT
StructuralResources 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
(there may be other combinations)

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