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Provides a Medieval era culture definition for a system like DynamicCities along with some extras.

Last Updated

June 13, 2018
3:23:17 AM UTC

Required Permissions



DynamicCities between 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT and 0.3.0
StructureTemplates between 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT and 0.3.0
StructuralResources between 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT and 2.0.0
Fences between 0.1.1-SNAPSHOT and 0.2.0

Resolved by

MedievalCities 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
DynamicCities 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT
StructureTemplates 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT
StructuralResources 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
Fences 0.1.1-SNAPSHOT
Core 1.6.0
engine 1.6.0
CommonWorld 0.2.2-SNAPSHOT
Cities 0.6.1-SNAPSHOT
Minimap 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
Economy 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
(there may be other combinations)

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